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Big Silver Chrysanthemum

Big Silver Chrysanthemum

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The Spectacular 49 shot "Big Silver Chrysanthemum" really caught our attention in pre - season testing. Watch the video, We're sure you will agree!!!

As previously mentioned this 49 shot firework from our "Professional Range" is a "Real Eye Catcher"!!! Bursting into action with "Huge Vivid Blue Mines", followed by more "Huge Bursts" of Silverand Crackling Chrysanthemums interspersed with Red and Green Peonies. Finally concluding with even more "Huge Bursts" of Blue MInes and Crackling Silver Chrysanthemums!!! The sheer size of the Bursts and the Quality of the Colour make this a "Brilliant Finale Piece" all on it's own!!!

  • Vivid Colour
  • Spectacular Mines and Crackers
  • 49 "Big" shots
  • Category 3
  • 25 metre minimum viewing distance
  • Guaranteed "WOW" Factor
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  • Noise Rating

    Noise Rating (1-10)


  • Safety Distance

    Safety Distance (m)


  • Number of Shots

    Number of Shots


  • Duration


    30 Sec

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