Fireworks Cakes, Roman Candles and Single Ignitions Firework Packs



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4 powerful single ignition fireworks creating a professional firework display

1) Shuttle - 92 shot red & green glitter mines, comet bursts, coloured stars, brocade bursts, crackle mines with finale of red & blue brocade bursts  

2) Orbit - 54 shot single ignition of spinning silver comets rising to coloured starbursts, glittering chrysanthemum, dazzling brocade witha mass of beautiful brocade shellbursts

3) Launch - 50 shots ejecting red, green & blue comets and brocade shellbursts, rising to silver glitter, blue tailed mines with a chrysanthmum spread finale

4) Gravity - 90 shot single ignition  - rapid start of golden bursts, silver fish, comet bursts with a fanned salvo of silver palms culminating in sky filling snowflake bursts of fan shellbursst and champagne fizz 

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    195 sec

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