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This Terminator is so much better than the one on TV...its Louder, Bigger, Badder and a lot cheaper than a fully automated humanoid robot sent back from the future to destroy our leader.

Hasta La Vista Baby....100 rising Whistle Stars each bursting into a Large and Loud colour bombard. Full of variety and effect, delivered with a really Loud Punch. In fact this 100 shots beauty is one of our favourites and is certain to sell out given the exaggerated and enthusiastic comments tagged to it during our busy selling get in quick and order one today !! you will not be disappointed "You will be back"!!!

  • CE Marked Cat 3
  • Big, Loud and very Colourful
  • 100 Shots
  • Terrific Price
  • Stunning Performance and Quality
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  • Noise Rating

    Noise Rating (1-10)


  • Safety Distance

    Safety Distance (m)


  • Number of Shots

    Number of Shots


  • Duration


    40 Secs

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